Fog machine 900 watt Disinfectant sprayer smoke atomizer




Disinfectant machine for Car, Home, Business, Hotel, Restaurant Place of worship, more… Deep Cleaning Machine.


Mode: AE-A900

For:  Sterilization

Control : Timer

Warm-up time:  3-5 minute

Distance: 2-3m

Use:  Car/Home/Party/Wedding/Event

Item Size: 30x30x11CM

Net Weight:  2.7KG

Weight:  3.2KG


1. Keep the machine clean.

2. It is for indoor using.

3. Make sure it is the rated voltage before using.

4. Cut off the power before add the smoke oil.

5. Keep the machine horizontally.

6. Should cut off the power after using the machine.

7. The machine is not waterproof, if water or oil get into the machine, please cut off the power at once and contact the dealer.

8. The machine should keep away from children.

9. The smoke cannot jet to people directly.

10. When the machine is working, the temperature is high, should keep away from it at least for 100cm distance.

11. Can not add flammable liquid, such as oils, gas or sesame oil into the container.



1. Connect the power cable, turn on the switch ”on”, then the machine begin to be warm for 3-5 minutes.

2. Enter the red button then it can work.

3. When the indicator light is “red” which is on the remote controller, that means the machine can not work or in heating at that time.

4. The machine can not shoot to people directly or incline more than 15 degree.